Monday, May 11, 2015

The Iceman Cometh

Humor me as I let my nerd flag fly a moment…

Last month, Marvel Comics made a huge announcement with a leaked panel from their upcoming All New X-Men #40.

Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, is gay.

In celebration, Shawn Ashmore, who plays the cool-tempered Bobby Drake in the X-Men movie franchise, tweeted his congratulations.  Coming out, as the LGBT community knows too well, is a courageous and sometimes dangerous thing to do.  And when you’re in high school the stakes can seem all the higher.  So congratulations, Iceman…

Except, you didn’t come out. 

You may not even be gay.

You were coerced into believing something about yourself by Jean Grey, a telepath who literally mind-raped you until she stumbled across your dirty secret.  In some areas of psychology this is called a suggested or false memory, and it is frowned upon.  Just ask Professor X.

Yes, I know the X-Men is a comic book…that it is a fictitious account of a boy who doesn’t exist.  But the concept behind it is still very much ingrained in our society: this binary system of sexuality which entraps us.  You are either this—or you are that.

For example, having been found out, Bobby Drake argues that in the future he is straight and has other partners—female partners.  Jean Grey gives him this look which suggests he’s wrong. 

The truth about sexuality is not so cut and dry.  Like Iceman’s mutant power, sexuality is fluid.  It can take many different forms in a various number of circumstances.  It is unfair and unreasonable to box a person into a certain sexual mind frame.

Recently I heard a passing comment about how most bisexuals were really gay.  This biphobia is something I see more and more in mainstream pop culture.  Bisexuals exist, and they certainly don’t need someone coming along with all these preconceived notions of sexuality telling them they are wrong—especially when there is no possible way we could understand that person’s sexuality and sexual attitudes.  It is dangerous and confusing, and can lead to a person feeling ostracized, as many bisexuals feel from gay and straight communities alike. 

The rules for sexuality are steadily shifting.  Every other day, it seems new terminology surfaces just so we can understand sex a little better.  Nonetheless, sexuality can seem like a prison—one, that in order to escape, must be done under the cloak of darkness. 

Alfred Kinsey attempted to show that sexuality wasn’t so fixed with his 6-point Kinsey Scale.  Conservatives would argue that the Kinsey Scale is dangerous because it threatens to change sexuality as they know it. 

Look out! The whole world’s gone gay! 

On the contrary, Kinsey, as well as countless researchers since, has only shown that sexuality is not fixed.  It transforms with our own experiences.  With the genetic makeup of our brains.  Kinks and fetishes and desire can sometimes pop up to surprise even us.  It is important to remember that, when “coming out” you might change your mind.  And that’s okay.    Unfortunately for Bobby Drake, there is a bully at school who just cemented him into sucking cock for the rest of his life just to prove a point. 

And that isn’t cool.      

Until next time my se-X-y mutants…


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